• Katy CHENG

    Cheng joined the Modern Dance Society of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014 to begin her street dance training. Since 2016, she has been specializing in Locking. With 10 years of street dance experience, Cheng has also learnt Soul Dance, Waacking, House, Hip Hop and other street dance styles. She has participated in many street dance competitions and Freestyle Battles, gaining extensive stage performance, freestyle battles and choreography experience. In 2021, Cheng completed the Street Dance Instructor Certificate in Dancing Life Academy, which started her journey of being a street dance tutor. Currently, she is still actively involved in various street dance competitions, training and performances, devoted to accumulating more dancing and teaching experience.

  • CHUNG Kit-sum

    Chung obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from HKAPA, majoring in Chinese Dance. She has attained the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate and C.S.T.D. Certificate of Modern Jazz. In 2006, she represented the HKAPA at the 3rd Minorities Art Festival of China. In 2008, she participated in tour performances in China with Hong Kong Dance Company. In 2013, Chung was a member of "Le P en V" and won the first prize in the competition in the Czech Republic. She was a Teaching Artist of "Leap!" which was organized by the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation and the Cloud Gate Dance School of Taiwan. Now, she is a full-time dance teacher, to share happiness with everyone through movement.

  • SO Shun-yin

    So is currently studying in the Social Work program at Hong Kong Baptist University International College. Throughout his studies, he actively participated in various performances as a member of the university's dance society. He is also a member of a local Locking dance group called The Quickies. As a talented dancer, he has been involved in numerous large-scale performances, including "Dream Night Countdown Party" organized by Live Nation Electronic Asia at Ocean Park and MIRROR.WE.ARE LIVE CONCERT. In recent years, he has been teaching Hip Hop classes for the elderly and children at a community centre on the Outlying Islands, as well as working as a choreographer.

  • Abigail TAN

    Teaching Assistant

    Tan has had a passion for dancing since she was young, she began learning Chinese Dance at HKCC at the age of 5, and has participated in multiple Dance Gala and large-scale performances. She attained Grade 13 in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examinations.

  • Karina CHAN

    Teaching Assistant

    Chan started learning Chinese Dance, Ballet and Western Folk Dance while she was in secondary school and participated in various dance performances. She attained the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate for Grades 1 to 8. Chan joined HKCC in 2007. She has great passion in Chinese Dance and has never ceased to further her skills in the field.

  • ZENG Yu-lian

    Teaching Assistant

    Graduated from the School of Music and Dance, Guangzhou University, Zeng attained the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate for Grades 1 to 6. She is now a tutor of the Chinese Dance Graded Examinations and Chinese Dance courses for adults.

  • Elfi WONG

    Teaching Assistant

    Since the age of 6, Wong has been learning Chinese dance and has a deep passion for the art of dance. She has participated in numerous dance performances and competitions, which have enriched her dance skills and performance abilities. She has also participated in the poetic dance drama Nostalgic Imprints. Wong attained Grade 13 in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examinations and Teacher's Certificate for Grades 1-3. She has also studied ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, choreography and other fundamentals in the Applied Learning Program at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

  • Sonia TANG

    Teaching Assistant

    Tang's dance journey began when she was 3. Since then, she has cultivated a profound passion for both Ballet and Chinese Dance. She attained pleasant results in different grades of the Classical Ballet Examination of the Royal Academy of Dance. She has also obtained 9 outstanding in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examinations. Besides, Tang has engaged in numerous large-scale performances, Dance Gala, TV programmes and competitions. In 2017, she won the first runner-up in the Deyishuangxin competition Ballet Division.

(Names are listed in Chinese surname stroke count order)