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HKCC 50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections Intermediate Level

  • Introduction

    HKCC strives to encourage, discover and promote fine choral writing for treble voices for decades. The "50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections" have received 350 works from more than 40 countries and regions. Three adjudicators, Steve Ho (Hong Kong), Darius Lim (Singapore) and Ko Matsushita (Japan) had worked extremely hard for selecting 25 pieces for Intermediate Level and 19 pieces for Senior Level among many excellent works. The selected works are coming from Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Young singers can explore choral works in diverse styles and different cultural backgrounds from these two selections.

    Song List

    1. Join Our Team (New Zealand 新西蘭)

    2. Let the Children Play (United States 美國)

    3. We Will Shine Like the Sun (United States 美國)

    4. Psalm 23 詩篇二十三篇 (Hong Kong 香港)

    5. The Time Train 時光車 (Hong Kong 香港)

    6. Tortoise Moon (United States 美國)

    7. Flower Songs (United States 美國)

    8. A Guinea Pig (Argentina 阿根廷)

    9. Little Things (Austria 奧地利)

    10. We are One Voice (United Kingdom 英國)

    11. No! No! No! (Hong Kong 香港)

    12. Till We Meet Again 別了校園 (Hong Kong 香港)

    13. Quenching Thirst by Looking at Plums 望梅止渴 (Hong Kong 香港)

    14. Three Animal Songs for Children's Choir and Piano (United States 美國)

    15. This is My Father's World (United States 美國)

    16. Stand in the Light (United States 美國)

    17. Jubilate Deo (Indonesia 印尼)

    18. Spring - Recreation of the Japanese Children's Song (Japan 日本)

    19. The Lord Will Send His Mercy (Hong Kong 香港)

    20. Do Mi Sol Do (Taiwan 台灣)

    21. I Know the Rain (United Kingdom 英國)

    22. Gleneagle Pie (United Kingdom 英國)

    23. The Song of the Bee (United Kingdom 英國)

    24. My Birthday Gift (Hong Kong 香港)

    25. Living in the Moment 活在當下 (Hong Kong 香港)

    Item: SB050-31